Thursday, July 2

3 Fun and Funky Ways to Update a Thrift Store Vase with Tie-Dye

Cotton clothesline might be one of my favorite craft mediums. You can wrap it in yarn, paint it and now I have discovered dying it. So versatile and fun, who would ever think to use this stuff just for laundry when it is possible of so much more.

Wednesday, July 1

DIY Painted Strawberry Tote

Nothing screams SUMMERTIME more than juicy strawberries. We tried to grow them in our garden this year but for some reason they were lazy and didn't give us many berries. I will say when I see a strawberry I can immediately feel my insides quenching. Plus who doesn't LOVE them! I wanted to make a strawberry bag that I can bring with me everywhere and catch everyones attention! I think this bag will do it, what about you! 

Did I mention this is a GREAT craft for kids! 

Let's get started.

Tuesday, June 30

ColorShot Love Tote DIY

Looking for a cute and fun tote for the summer? Create your own designs using stencils and Tulip’s ColorShot for a fun, easy and super fast design with this DIY Love Tote tutorial. I’m always so impressed with how well ColorShot’s color goes on, I was able to get smooth, solid color with just a couple of sprays. Read more to see how you can make your own tote!

Sunday, June 28

Flag Shirt, DIY

 Flag shirts are so much fun to make 
and since The 4th of July is just around the corner 
I thought this would be a fun project. 
I really love these new Color Shot Fabric paints by Tulip.
They cut the time it takes me to do a project in half 
which is wonderful because my time is so limited.

Saturday, June 27

Pretty Patriotic Pinwheel with Aleene's Instant Tacky

Easy Patriotic Pinwheel made with pencils & Aleene's Instant Tacky - a Dollar Store Craft!
Turn plain scrapbooking paper into double-sided paper, quickly and easily with Aleene's Instant Tacky. You can create any custom color and pattern combination you want with this papercrafting technique. Then take your one-of-a-kind paper and turn it into a cute Patriotic Pinwheel using supplies you can find at the dollar store. Come get crafty with me!

Easy Patriotic Pinwheel made with pencils & Aleene's Instant Tacky - a Dollar Store Craft!

Tuesday, June 23

2-in-1 Picnic Blanket Game Board

Checkers Play crop 2 text
The only thing better than playing board games, in my opinion, is playing them al fresco (even if you find yourself caught in a passing rain shower!). Grab an old flat sheet or a plain table cloth and draw a checker/chess board, a tic-tac-toe grid, a Chinese checkers star, or a backgammon board. When it's time to picnic (hello, Fourth of July), grab the sandwiches and the game pieces and hit the park with your new blanket (PS: it works on the grass or on the picnic table). Game on!

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