Wednesday, December 17


Happy Hump Day all you crafty crafters! It's Jade here showing you how make glittery, swirly ornaments. I know Christmas is almost here but I have an idea for you that you might just love. When we think of "ornaments" we think of buying them and putting them on our tree. This usually happens a few weeks before Christmas, right! BUT, what if you make a dozen DIY ornaments and give them to someone as a gift! Let's face it, decorative ornaments can be pricey but if you make them for a special person next year when they start decorating their tree they will fall in love all over again! They will think of you as they put every single ornament on their tree. Plus its something they can use year after year! Whattya say?! 
Let's get started!

Tuesday, December 16

Colorful Crystal Watch Band


I have a jumbo thing for watches. They're functional so I can wear them any time and there is something comforting about the way they wrap around my wrist. So I thought a personalized, crystallized watch band would make an amazing gift. 

Unfortunately I've decided to gift myself with this one because I LOVE it! Oops!


Monday, December 15

10 Minute Bead Mosaic

Mosaics are always an awesome way to create 3D works of art, but the traditional process can be messy and cumbersome with grout, tile adhesive, and all kinds of stuff that make a really bummer out of a Saturday afternoon. Lucky for us, there is Tacky glue to the rescue! 
This project takes no time at all, and is a great way to use up spare beads and junk jewelry. Anyone who has partaken in a Mardi Gras celebration probably has a bunch of beads laying around the house just waiting for an opportunity to shine!

Sunday, December 14

Sparkle & Shine Dot Shoes

Nothing like a little glitter paint to add a quick and easy sparkle to your step. Here's a  snazz-up-your-kicks tutorial that works year round, but is particularly perfect as we head into the holidays (because who wants to stand around and drink eggnog/drop it like it's hot/watch the ball drop in heels?)!

Thursday, December 11

DIY Glitter Ring

Add a pop of color to your hands with this simple and fun to make Glitter Ring DIY. With so many fun glitter colors to choose from you can make one in every color. They’d be perfect gifts for the holidays or a fun project to make with friends. Let’s get started!

Glitterville Christmas - An Interview With Stephen Brown

It is rare that I pick up a craft book these days that I can't put down. Maybe I have been around the crafty block one too many times and seen it all. Then along comes Stephen Brown and Glitterville. You have seen his amazing sisal trees staring back at you from the shelves of Anthropologie this winter. You have probably pinned his glass octopus ornaments. More importantly you need to move his new book right up to the top of your Christmas list. Not just for you, but for all your crafty friends. Take out a pen and paper right now....Dear Santa, For Christmas this year please bring me a copy of Glitterville's Handmade Christmas: A Glittered Guide for Whimsical Crafting. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, December 10

DIY Geometric Pillow

Want a fun way to add a little Sparkle to your room? This DIY Geometric Pillow is the perfect way to add that little pizzaz to your space without it being over kill. The modern geometric design is super trendy and the glitter is super girly!
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