Tuesday, July 30

Grumpy Cat Shorts DIY

Grumpy Cat really cracks me up, so for the iLoveToCreate designer shorts challenge, I took Grumpy Cat to the next level on a pair of shorts.  I've created Grumpy Cat on a shirt and on a ceramic necklace, but I thought it would be really funny to "grumpify" a pair of shorts. Here's what I did...
What you need:
– Light denim shorts (these were cutoffs)
Tulip Soft Paints in Ebony, White, Cool Blue, and Petal Pink
– 1 part bleach/1 part water mixture
– Large paintbrush
– Paper (for your resist cutouts)
– various paintbrushes
– Scissors
– Seam ripper and sandpaper (for distressing)
Use a wide painter's brush to add the 1 part bleach, 1 part water mixture to the bottom of the front and back of the jean shorts.
Next cut out half moon eyes from paper that are the same width as your back top pockets. Also cut out a nose from the paper. Place on jeans.  These areas will serve as resists for the spray dye.  Now spray the top to middle  portion of your jeans and lighten the amount you spray as you go. Let dry thoroughly, then remove paper before you start your painting.
For the fronts, paint your cute cat paws coming out from your pockets.  Snip some cuts below the claws to look like a grumpy cat scratch. You can further distress them with a seam ripper or some sandpaper to look like real scratches.  Add a little of the black paint around the scratches to enhance those areas.
 On the back, use white, black, pink, and blue soft paints to make the grumpy cat face.  Fill in the entire semi-circle area with white Soft Paint first, then add in some blue paint for the iris area.  Fan out with your paintbrush so it blends into the white area.  Next make the pupil areas and add a spot of white for a little glare in his eyes. For the nose, fill it in with pink and highlight it with white.  Outline the bottom of the nose black and continue down to make his grumpy scowl. Add some whisker spots using white with your liner brush, then create whiskers using the white and black paint.

Here's how the front of the shorts turned out!  Talk about cat scratch fever!

Here I paired the shorts with a ceramic Grumpy Cat necklace I made.
I wondered what Grumpy Cat would think about these creative shorts, so I decided to ask her...

Hahahahaha.  At least she's honest.


  1. Can't..type...laughing to hard!!! Oh my gosh this was HILARIOUS! These are my new Favorite Thing! You rock!

  2. That is really really great.


  3. these. are. awesome. I totally laughed out loud, so much so, that I actually spelled out laugh out loud - instead of using the acronym.

  4. Can't even imagine the comments you would get. No thanks.

  5. This cat is coming out with his own version of starbucks ice coffee , mocha's etc. I love these shorts

  6. paint it upfront :D

  7. :) Loooove it! So fun!


  8. I agree hilarious! Great idea for cat lovers I know and what a joy it will be to present them to them and laugh along. Hmmm depends might be a good gift filler lol

  9. So cute love the paws coming out of the pockets with scratch marks!

  10. Can you give us the DIY for the necklace? ITS SO FREAKING CUTE

  11. brilliant think you should make them to sell

  12. i can try making this one. look at how perfect the lips fit when worn...tehee very nice result.

  13. Oh this is so cute. I am going to attend a beach party, this weekend. I think this is the perfect short to wear. Please tell me if I can find similar pieces in collection of Brandy Melville shorts.

  14. I want to buy them!!!


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